Software (GUI) for assembly control systems on Pick-2-Light work stations with P2L sensors (CAN Bus) from InSystems

Assembly recipes and operator guidance without programming skill

InSystems Automation offers a new user-friendly Pick-2-Light software to regulate and install assembly control systems with P2L sensors (with CAN Bus) without any programming skills. Following the selection of the product, Pick-2-Light software triggers the Pick-2-Light sensors in the right order and secures a correct process of assembly and commissioning. The software allows to store and manage any desired assembly recipes. Using our Pick-2-Light software, our PSL sensors (CAN Bus) and a CAN Bus adapter, you are given a complete intelligent assembly control system.

P2L Sensors CAN Bus connected in a row, CAN Bus-USB adapter, computer with InSystems P2L software for sensor settings, recipe administration, visualization
Pick-2-Light assembly control systems are an efficient support, especially when working on products with a particularly high level of variety with small batch sizes.

Scope of functions of Pick-2-Light software

  • software for a single Pick-to-Light working station (single user license)
  • connection of up to 127 Pick-to-Light sensors
  • quick implementation and installation without programming skills
  • including test tool to proof communication between sensors and computer
  • storage of an unlimited amount of assembly recipes
    • variation of picking mode (pickOnce und pickMultiple)
    • visualization of each production step through pictures and videos
    • adjustment of pick time and LED brightness
  • selection of the product und preselection of product quantity
    • monitoring of assembly steps
    • high process reliability and shorter production times
  • configuration
    • language for user interface can be configured in a XML file as required (currently in German and English available)
    • display in full screen or window mode
    • title for main screen  (for example name of the assembly workstation)
    • insert a customized image or logo
    • background and text color

System requirements

The following bullet points show the minimum requirements to run the software:

Software testing

30 days trial-version

Pick-to-light Software Trial Download
Zip-File v1.0.03 (5,5 MB)

Pick-2-light software can be tested as a free 30-day trial version. The free trial-version holds the full range of software features.  After or during trial period you can activate the acquired license key and continue your work unlimitedly with your installed version. The software is limited for a single Pick-to-Light working station (single user license)


  • download software and unpack zip-file
  • launch setup.exe and please follow all further instructions

Manual for Pick-to-Light software

The guideline to assembly and port for P2L sensors you can find here .

Buy license

After your free trial period you can a buy a license key. You can use our <export request> button in „Info-Dialog“ and send exported file to In return, we provide you with all further information to purchase transaction and license file that can be activated via button <import license>.

For a single user license we charge 1.900,00 € (plus VAT) 

Contact and questions about Pick-to-light software

You can send us an e-Mail with your question to or you may use the following contact form.