Pick-to-Light Sensor P2L presented at the trade fair Motek

P2L Sensor at the Fair demo
P2L Sensor at the Trade Fair

InSytems presented their newly-developed Pick-to-Light sensor for the first time at Motek, the trade fair for assembly and handling technology and automation in Stuttgart.

InSystems Automation creates innovative Pick-to-Light assembly systems and has now made available their own sensor, which through its design and technology offers great benefits to the architecture of workstation shelving. Pick-to-Light systems guide employees through complex assembly operations by means of light signals and are beneficial in a wide range of products with small batch sizes. Lights on the component containers show the next component to be picked and sensors are triggered when a wrong component has been picked. The production cycle time of the manual assembly is therefore significantly reduced, whilst also achieving high process reliability. Furthermore, the assembly system records production data and makes a significant contribution to quality assurance and traceability in complex, manual assembly processes, which cannot be economically automated due to their low batch quantities.

The newly developed Pick-to-Light sensor from InSystems, P2L, is particularly small, which means it can be space-sparingly installed into a material supply unit or Kanban shelving system. The small structure allows for shallower shelving levels and therefore provides a more ergonomic supply architecture with shorter employee reaches. The P2L sensor is not affected by sunlight and its operating distance is adjustable to suit different container geometries. It is field-bus compatible and therefore can be efficiently connected to the PLC as well as integrated into existing workstations. By means of a material flow computer, the assembly prescriptions can be managed and orders taken directly from the ERP system (for example SAP).

InSystems provide complete Pick-to-Light assembly systems as well as selling the new sensor directly in the InSystems-Shop.