P2L sensors: technical data

Typ D002 D002 ESD C002 C002 ESD
Model P2L digital sensor P2L CAN bus sensor
Funktion Pick to Light
Type standard ESD standard ESD
Sensor Type Proximity and light sensor VCNL-4000
Light source Pulsed infrared diode
Wave Length 890 nm
Pulse light rate / Frequency 390 kHz
Reichweite 20-150 mm
Optimal Range 100 mm
Pick Tracer green LED
Missing Indicator red LED
Range setting Automatic teach-in function
Suppression of mutual interference Yes
Rise time < 40 ms
Operating voltage range 24 V DC ± 10%
Max. power consumption (no load) 50 mA
Output circuit PNP CAN Bus
Input circuit 100 mA CAN Bus
Transfer rate 125 kBit/s
Protection against reverse polarity Yes
Short-circuit-proof Yes

(W x D x H)

82 mm x 37 mm x 26 mm
Weight 40 g
Casing material Plastic PA 12 fine, black
Fixing 2 x M4 screws
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature Range -10° C to +50 °C
Sunlight / Ambient Light No influence in recommended position, other positions require case-by-case assesment