P2L models – control and casing

 P2L models available

The Pick-to-Light sensor variants available are two models differing regarding their controls (digital and CAN bus) and two models differing in casing (standard and ESD).

Control variants P2L

The digital P2L sensor and the one with CAN bus differ not only in the way they are controlled, but also in their range of features. When installing the digital model, each individual sensor is connected directly to the SPS’ I/Os in the control cabinet, whereas more than 100 sensors can be looped in when using P2L with CAN bus, which saves connection cables and installation time. The P2L-C002 is controlled via CAN bus and thus offers a broadened range of options during processes, as the signalling lights can be controlled individually depending on tasks. For further details concerning pick-signal controls please see the signal processing information.

Automatic teaching feature

The new models C002 and D002 offer an automatic teaching feature. The teaching process is necessary in order to let the sensor save container height and geometry and thus differentiate between a hand reaching in and the material stored. The intelligent sensors automatically save these parameters when they are activated for the first time without any manual measures needing to be taken.

Casing options P2L

The P2L sensors are available in a black plastics casing or as ESD-safe models encased in metal. Technical data to all models can be found under Technical Data.