Details P2L Sensor für Pick-to-Light Montagesysteme

FunctionP2L is installed into the assembly line to signal to employees the next part to pick. With an inbuilt sensor, the device also signals when the wrong part has been picked, creating a more efficient assembly process. The signals are green and red LEDs, each with a response time of less than 40ms.
ElectronicsThe P2L sensor is available in digital and CAN-Bus versions. Both models have an operating voltage of 24V DC (±10%) and a maximum current consumption of 50mA. The CAN-Bus model can be easily connected in large groups to the control, eliminating the need for time-consuming individual wiring.
BuildThe size of this P2L sensor makes it stand out; at 81×39 mm and crucially just 25 mm high, it fits compactly into component trays without getting in the way, allowing for efficient workstation shelving. It has two M4 screw-compatible holes for mounting.
Environmental ConditionsThe sensor is unaffected by sunlight and has the protection class IP53. It can be used in temperatures from -10 to +50°C.
UseThe sensor can be used in containers with varying geometries. A material flow computer can be used to manage assembly orders, visualise instructions and allow orders to be taken directly from the ERP system. P2L can be integrated into existing workstations.