The InSystems P2L Sensor for Pick-to-light Systems

P2L sensor for pick-to-light mounted above a Schaefer boxInSystems has developed a new Pick-to-Light (P2L) sensor, which due to its design and technology offers great benefits to the architecture of the assembly workstation.
The InSystems sensor allows for more compact pick levels and so a shorter and more ergonomic reach.

The P2L Sensor is available in two variants:digital and CAN Bus. More on Details and in FAQs.

Pick-to-light/Pick-by-light Systems

What are they for and what can they do

Both terms, Pick-to-light und Pick-by-light mean the same paperless processes, guidingthe worker by lightsignals through a assembly or picking process.

The P2L sensor shows each next step and monitors picking. Does the worker pick in an incorrect rack bay, it is shown by a red light and, depend on the programming of the control, further steps are demanded, e.g. confirming by button, removing assembly group for rework.

What advantages provides a Pick-to-light system?

On one hand, the processing time is significantly shortened.
The order of the picking tasks is specified in the material flow controller, managing the assembling recipes and translating the production order from ERP system via interface  into assembling steps.
This is a great advantage especially for products wit many variants, because the worker is able to focus on process without handling of any order papers, parts list or drawings. The worker has both hands free for working and needed assembly instructions can be visualized on screen at the corresponding step.

The second great advantage of Pick-to-light systems is the process reliability. According to Poka-Yoke principle as many as possible error sources of manual working are eleminated.